Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Say hello to the new Byte's substitute!:

Our Childhood Snack, is back with a new twist

Yes, you are quite right when you want to feel those vibes of a chocolate filled wafer snacks, over which you used to go GA-GA... over a more humble meager price of Rs. 5. Gosh, we really would want to have it again from Cadbury's. But would you buy and have a hang of it, at Rs. 20. Answer is, whether you would like it from the hands of Kellogg's who have taken away the wafer part and made it even more crunchy with the crust being made of 'Chocos'. Would you really take one home, considering it to be really not worth it? See our review and then decide for yourselves.

At the start, its all similar to chocos. Once you nibble a few down, you will taste the chocolaty fills. We actually are disappointed with the contents of the pack. It weighs 30-40 grms in average. And not to forget the dust of chocos found below, right where everything's left.

But considering the effort, it's all worth it for Kellogg's as many would try it atleast after looking at the packaging. Sincerely, it's a only one-time snack, and surely they will produce it in limited batches.

Cadbury India, if you are reading this, we really need a comeback for bytes! And yes sir, it would really be a success and it's the right time. But cost remains a question,  who cares... We would like the 5 re. Pack in Rs. 10 format. It would be glad to see someone come up with petitions for re-introducing Bytes! That day my friend, is not far away.... 😎 🤗

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Antarctica is acting as an Alarm! Ring your Bells!

We would like to keep you guys chilled, but for how long?

Whether it be the Alps in Europe, Himalayas in Asia or Amazonian Rain forest in the newest continent; every place has left it's cool, over the millennium. But since Industrialization came into being, we not only discovered Antarctica but are making it lose it's charm over the past 220 years.

larsen c ice hslef lenght may 31 2017 a luckman swansea university midas
The Antarctic Scenario, till date:
It was in the end of the last month, that a 1000 ft iceberg split off from the Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf, and slowly started to shrink in size. It broke into several pieces, with one's width ranging from 5kms-13kms. This is not the first time that the ice broke. The Green House gases are helping us to "Break The Ice" even earlier.
Satellite Images and Temperatures of the cut-off regions.
Now the researchers from Europe are complaining about sudden deaths due to heatwaves in the previously cold regions. Remember that the Polar Regions receive sunlight for 6 months straight and then Plunge into darkness for the same. If the global temperatures are rising, then expect the ice caps to melt even faster due to this.
Current Temperatures of the so-called "colder regions". See that some places are hitting more than 40.

What we want to clarify:

That the ice layers of the Antarctic are drifting towards warmer regions and causing the solid matter to fuse into the planet's surface and adding quantity to the volume of the water dispensed into the oceans. 

Major after-effects could be: 
  • Increase in the sea level,
  • disappearance of the low hanging wet lands: breeding grounds for many species (especially birds)
  • Endangering the Eco-system and Food Chain.
  • No Ice caps/landmass at the polar regions for our beloved Polar bears, Penguins, etc..
  • Sperm Whales and other exotic animals losing their habitats
  • Disturbance/differences in the seasons across all continents.
  • Irregular Rainfalls, Floods and Natural Disasters across the planets
  • Giving more potential energies for sea tides (which is a good thing, we can harvest energy like the Netherlands) and more powerful Tsunamis,
  • And thus the list goes on:..................
The Silicon Valley in California, Venice in Italy are the first to be hit by this drastic makeover as there seems to an increase in the water levels surrounding these checkpoints of modern civilization.

Now it's about time, that we should lookout for our deeds and think rationally to help and save our mother nature:

Image result for captain planet
"Go Planeteers".
If you are reading this, then please try out some of the steps described below and do your bit, to save the world from unwanted catastrophes. I know that ones who would read this diligent topic are responsible adults and would act as better individuals and spread this word among their peers and society.

  1. Do away with your self-centered attitude, and Start caring for Others. 
  2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint! Reduce usage of fossil fuel and carbon derivatives wherever possible.
  3. Always follow the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  4. Shift to newer and Eco-friendly alternatives in whatever ways you find, like Solar Energy, etc..
  5. Plant more trees. Re-grow and enrich the habitats that are diminishing.
  6. Bring in stricter norms and policies regarding your surroundings.
  7. Keep a check on the Water Levels in the wetlands.
  8. If possible,divert large tourists from over crowed hot-spots to newer regions; thus would prevent further exploitation in the area.
  9. Learn more about the conservation policies of Japan and other South East countries where the flora and fauna are in abundance and co-exist in harmony.
  10. "Greenify" your places like homes and offices with either flowers, herbs, vegetables and other small plans, and see differences in the temperature of over there.
  11.  Reduce the intake of  Green Veggies, and try more of the Non-veg, if your mind-body permits. You involuntarily help in reducing the CO2 levels a bit.

If you know some more ways to better our plans, do share it below in the comments section and do subscribe for the new post, by submitting your email ids.

Peace Out!!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

7 Habits to follow, while using a smartphone ! Consider this as some health tips!

If you are using a 4g phone or any smartphone, then this one's for you!


We Indians have an ingrained sense of impatient urgency on every thing we would be familiarized with. Whether its buying an appliance/ devices or learning to drive vehicles without reading the manual.

The thing that I'm going to share is of utmost importance because we are unlikely risking our health our lives with it.
Recently I was looking through my old devices. While cleaning out the useless trash, I saw a small manual that came along with my current 4g enabled phone. It has a list of  etiquette-s, which had to be followed to prevent any further implications.

Here are some of the things that we ought to be careful of and keep in mind while using a 4g enabled phone.

Don't sleep over your It (or this article).


You might think this is expected, and its true, as we millenials sleep with our smartphones, right beside us, or near our pillows while we sleep. Guys, you must remember that your mobile phone is basically similar to a radio, but acts both as  a receiver and sender. In other words, in its standby mode it constantly pulls radio frequency waves (a form of energy) and tries to maintain a optimum connection with the towers.
On the other hand, our brain also transmits and recieves information through neuron cells, in a wave like manner. Not to forget that the activities like breathing and circulation of blood form involuntary activities that are necessary for our lives, are controlled by our brain in this sleepy situation.
So be cautious, as the mobile phone might create a field strong enough to stop or prevent perfect coordination of your body parts while you are asleep. 

When in a Call or Doubt*, follow these steps:

Doubt* here arises because, many who use 4g enabled phones especially android mobiles complain of their phones becoming hotter with continued use. The "Hardwares" are equally responsible for such sensational phenomenon.  Couple that hot moment with those experienced on a pro-longed voice calls, ones that extend over 5 minutes, and you will see the difference.
Seems out that, our skin is an excellent absorber of heat and radiation. So here are some tips to prevent a sweaty situation.

  1. Don't rest the phone to your ear until it connects on the other end on a call.  It is during this time the radiation is maximum.
  2.  Prefer mostly to speak on a headset or  speaker mode, to nullify the effects by keeping it away from the head. (Bluetooth headsets, not recommended.)
  3. Use text/ video as compared to voice wherever possible. Limit its length. If you have choice use Land-line phones, if possible.
  4. Avoid keeping your phones in the breast pocket/deep inside your pants, to cook yourself/ interact with internal organs/devices (like pacemaker)/medical implants.                                                       Metal and Water are good conductors of radio waves. Thus avoid the phone operation, if you are wearing ornaments and specs on your ear, and while your hair is wet.
  5. Whenever stationery, keep your devices away at a visible distance. Avoid placing them near other electronic devices, as it may hamper their performance. Radio Frequency energy is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source-- being very close increases energy absorption more.
  6. While traveling, use flight mode or use 2g network as far as possible, as the phone automatically transmits higher power signals every one or two minutes to check the network stability. People often complain about the battery being drained so quickly, that they neglect tis fact often. Don't speak until you ought to.
  7. Use the automatic power on/off feature on your mobile phone. Set the "off" time especially by the time you sleep, and the "on" time, before you wake. This wont only limit your usage habit but keep a check on the battery and prevent future health issues by turning off the signal transmission.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mahindra Centuro is Nothing less than our own old TVS Centra

Do u remember a bike which was very well launched against the best selling HeroHonda Passion, back in 2000s.? Its campaign was to help our men run on it for a month till its (full)fuel tank is empty! Its Nothing more than the noble TVS  Centra!!

TVS Centra                                                                                      Mahindra Centuro

Photos Show the similarities of both having the same fuel tank,engine,crash guard, silencer and the chassis.
Even Mahindra was so admiring the bike that he put the same name to bike with an O to it.!
The company favours ending the name of their vehicles with an O.

Say hello to the new Byte's substitute!:

Our Childhood Snack, is back with a new twist Yes, you are quite right when you want to feel those vibes of a chocolate filled wafer...